Our Setup

Next Gen Ford Ranger

We have a 2022 Next Gen Ford Ranger XLT and a Norweld Compact canopy.

Our Norweld canopy is something we’ve planned for a long time, having an aluminium canopy for travelling Australia fulltime it something we could not live without. In the canopy we have an 80L fridge, a lithium battery setup and heaps of storage for tools and equipment.

Our battery system in the canopy is a 175ah lithium battery which is powered by a Renogy 50A DC-DC charger. Along with a Victron 240V battery charger for when we are on power. Then a 1000W inverter to charge laptops and other appliances when 'off grid'.

We’ve installed a 2inch Dobinson’s Suspension lift with 500kg Constant load Leaf springs with IMS shocks.

Roadstar Vacationer

Our caravan is a 2004 Roadstar Vacationer Tango which we totally LOVE. It’s a 17ft full size caravan with a combi shower/toilet. Our first and favourite modification to the caravan was a ‘lift’ where we welded a 100mm Steel RHS under the van to gain extra ground clearance.

Then next a diesel heater. Which is personally a MUST. This has allowed us to travel in any season around Australia in comfort.

Our battery system in the caravan is super straightforward, a 130ah lithium battery with a 250W solar panel mounted on the roof. Then a Victron 10A 240V charger for when we are on power. As we don’t have a huge demand for 12V power in our caravan we don’t require a large system. All we really power is the TV, water pump and our lighting.